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The Resourceful Redneck team consists of actual outdoors people who are constantly developing new products to make your time in the outdoors better.  Our laboratory is the woods and the water all around us.  We don't wear lab coats, we wear camo and we invest a great deal of effort in testing new products in real life situations.  We love coming up with that next product that makes you say, "Wow, that's cool!"  We always want our customers to communicate with us and tell us ways to improve and be better.  If you are a Resourceful Redneck yourself, we encourage you to send us your ideas and if we can get them on the shelf for sale, we will pay you!  There are a lot of places that can sell you outdoor gear, Resourceful Redneck wants to be the one that not only sells you products, but gives you an opportunity to contribute to making the outdoors a better place for us, and more importantly for the generations to come!


Mike Holland