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Trigger Effect joins forces with Resourceful Redneck

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Resourceful Redneck to Appear on Dragon's Den

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TBPI is committed to work with Canadian based businesses and is very happy to add another reputable Canadian company to its growing list of sponsors. Season Three is presently airing on three different networks throughout North America and Season Four will begin filming this September 2015.
Dean Trumbley of TBPI/Trigger Effect stated, “We hunted with Mike this past spring, filming an episode with the Canadian Wild Turkey Federation and we immediately clicked, the Resourceful Redneck vignettes will complement the educational aspect of our television show”. Co-Host and TBPI partner Kent Michie further added, “Mike and Steen of Resourceful Redneck share the same values as our company and television show and we are excited about this partnership”.

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Thunder Boyz Productions Inc. (TBPI) is proud to announce the latest sponsor for the Trigger Effect television show, the Resourceful Redneck ( The Resourceful Redneck is based out of Eastern Canada and their one and only goal is to help you find gear that will save you time, money and make your adventures safer.

Starting in Season Four each Trigger Effect episode will feature a 45-90 second vignette that will showcase a Resourceful Redneck product or tip that will assist outdoors people in their outings. Trigger Effect is proud to start working with Mike Holland who will be the host of the Resourceful Redneck vignette series.

Mike Holland, founder of Resourceful Redneck is also looking forward to working with the Trigger Effect team. He stated, "I have watched Dean and Kent since season one and always felt that they provided an entertaining, educational and relate-able program that honored our hunting heritage. Hunting with them this spring confirmed that they are true ambassadors of our sport and to be a part of this team is a dream come true!" Resourceful Redneck co-owner Steen Gunderson has said, "We sell products to make outdoor adventures more enjoyable, but to be able to pass on tricks of the trade that will hopefully contribute to making life long outdoors people, well that is a humbling and exciting opportunity."

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Happy Hunting
Resourceful Redneck bags big bucks selling survival tools
By Alec Bruce

ANY HUNTER will testify that he spends a lot more time in the woods sitting on his rump than pointing and shooting his rifle. And if that hunter happens to be Mike Holland, that’s time to think. So it was not long ago when the former New Brunswick civil servant, a lifelong outdoorsman, began to cogitate ways to transform his recreational passion into a bonafide business.
“Anybody who grows up in rural New Brunswick knows you go into the field with limited resources,” he says. “A lot of things can go wrong, so you need to be creative pretty quickly. You might only have a hammer and a piece of yarn to solve a problem or figure something out.”
Still, what if these on-the-fly inventions could be manufactured, commercialized, packaged, and sold to outdoorsy types across Canada, possibly even the world? Better yet, what if the Internet and social media took the place of traditional bricks-and-mortar store frontage and advertising to get these products into customers’ hands?
Thus was born Resourceful Redneck, operating out of Holland’s Riverview home, just about a year ago. His website explains what he likes to call the company’s DNA: “We are not just a company that sells products; we are outdoors people ourselves. Much of the product line has been invented as a result of real people facing real situations in the field and needing to find solutions to those problems.”
The start-up’s product line is broad as well as ingenious. Customers can buy, online, everything from apparel and hunting accessories to knives and tools. Homespun problemsolvers devised by Holland and members of what he refers to as the “community” of hunters and fishers (to whom he pays royalties on sales) include the “barrel buddy” – a protective cover that fits over the tip of a rifle – and the “bear-ier” – a girdle that affixes to a tree’s trunk to keep overly curious ursine visitors, without harming them, from reaching a hunter perched in the canopy.
Holland is both the face of the company and its R&D department, which, he says, is fortunate. “I don’t do commercialization and mechanization,” he says. “That’s not something I would be any good at.”
For that, he has a broadly experienced expert in these functions, his partner Steen Gunderson, who also happens to be the general manager of Dieppebased ambulance manufacturer Malley Industries.
Last November, the two men travelled to Toronto for a highly coveted appearance on the CBC’s wildly popular television program Dragon’s Den, as much for the exposure as the chance to raise equity for their fledgling company. To their surprise and delight, they got a bite from Dragon Joe Mimran, the fashion titan behind Club Monaco, Caban, Alfred Sung, and Joe Fresh. For a 10 per cent stake, they could walk away with $50,000. “We were ecstatic to not only secure a deal, but to hear that an idea that I had while out hunting was not just valid, it was investment worthy,” Holland said at the time.
Fortune, it seems, does favour the bold. Within days of their turn on the show, they received an even better offer from British Columbia based Thunder Boyz Productions Inc., which runs the Trigger Effect TV program. Its cash-for-equity proposal was similar to Mimran’s, but the additional perks were simply unbeatable, especially the opportunity to market directly to their target community of customers with commercial spots, website enhancements and social media management and expansion. They quickly sealed the deal.
Now, the entrepreneurs are positioning Resourceful Redneck — which is, Holland says, financially healthy — for measurable growth. “The moral of the story is learning how to capitalize on the interests of people with like minds,” says Holland. “Understand the needs of your community of customers and do everything you can to meet them.”

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Special Dragon's Den article

and video in the National Post.

We've been talking about it for months and now the time has arrived! Come watch the Dragon's Den episode where you can finally find out how the team at Resourceful Redneck made out when they faced the fire in the Dragon's Den. Did they slay a Dragon??? There's only one way to find out. Join us at Five Bridges Bar & Grill in Riverview and see the episode featuring the entrepreneurs from Resourceful Redneck! And for those of you who can't join us in person, remember to tune in to CBC on Wednesday November 25th at 8 PM (Atlantic Standard Time) to see how things go.

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