Garry Beresford was born in Yorkshire, England.  With his father in the British Military, he spent his youth travelling the globe, living in places like Hong Kong and Libya.  At the age of 15 he too joined the British Army and spent the following 10 years serving his country in various locations. Garry immigrated to Alberta, Canada in 1982 and rapidly developed a love for the outdoors and hunting. Learning from friends he met along the way, he soon became a keen hunter and outdoorsman. Over the years he has developed vast knowledge of Canadian big game animals and birds. During the off season, he enjoys spending time in South Africa, hunting with his wife and son, who are also avid hunters.  Garry has been an EMT for over 25 years and when he is not out hunting you can find him working on, and managing his ambulance service.  Garry firmly believes that hunters play a pivotal role in nature conservation. The fate of many animal species would be uncertain if it was not for the conservation efforts of outdoor's men like Garry.

Dean Trumbley

Keaton Black

Mike Holland

A.J. Leblanc

Despite being a young man, Keaton brings a thoughtfulness and wisdom to hunting seen in outdoorsman much older than he. Always willing to listen and learn he takes his fascination of the outdoors and applies what he has learned at every chance he gets. There isn't many species of animal that Keaton does not learn about and then pursue in an enthusiastic, yet ethical fashion. 

Helen Smith

Farm raised in rural New Brunswick, Mike has had a life long connection to all things outdoors. He has followed his passion for hunting on adventures throughout Canada and into the U.S. and will always jump at the chance to head out into the field. Although he is a licensed guide and experienced hunter, Mike looks for opportunities to learn from those who have gone before him and feels like there is always something new to learn from the land as we pursue our quarry. He is also a co founder of the Canadian Wild Turkey Federation. When he is not working to build his outdoor supply business, Resourceful Redneck, he spends his time with his three children and shares his love of the wilderness with his girlfriend Alison.  

A.J. has fished the waters of New Brunswick since he was a young lad. From there he moved on to Ontario where he fished weekends at various lakes and rivers, fishing for Carp, Brown Trout, Lake Trout, Walleye, Northern Pike, Muskellunge, Large Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, Coho and Chinook Salmon. Now back in New Brunswick, he predominantly fishes for Chain Pickerel and Small Mouth Bass. If you see Resourceful Redneck Pro Staffer Helen Smith, you will likely see A.J. with her on their Nitro boat scouring the Saint John river system in search of their next adventure! 

Kevin Steeves

Dean Trumbley is a registered professional biologist and a proud father of five children. Dean grew up in the southern interior of British Columbia and started hunting and fishing at a very young age with his father and grandfather. Dean is no stranger to the hunting and fishing industry as his grandfather Smokey Trumbley was a hunting/fishing celebrity on TV, radio and in the newspapers between the 1970-1980’s. Dean not only is a biologist but an avid hunter/fisher and guided big game in his early years. As one of the Hosts for Trigger Effect, Dean brings a unique knowledge to the table as both a hunter/fisherman and biologist. He was raised on the land and also is trained in the western-based sciences.  Dean has over 10-years experience as a corporate executive.

Helen's love of fishing began when she was a long haul trucker traveling from coast to coast. She would plot favorite fishing spots on the GPS from Vancouver to the Maritimes. Now and for about the last 10 years you will find her fishing the Saint John river system for Smallmouth Bass, Chain Pickerel, as well as Yellow and White Perch. Catching many, but keeping very few, Helen is a strong supporter of catch and release fishing to ensure the population stays strong for the next generation. You can see her every weekend on her Nitro boat practicing the sport that she loves. She sums it up well by saying, "I love the sport of fishing, the clean air, the tranquility, the great scenery with Bald Eagles soaring overhead." 

gary Beresford

Alison Jamieson

Kent Michie was born and raised in rural Manitoba in a small farming community of less than 500 people. Kent's country up bringing has imprinted upon him a real love for nature and all things wild. Like most Canadian boys, Kent has a love of hockey which enabled him to attend North Dakota State University on a scholarship where he received an Applied Sciences Degree in Wildlife and Fisheries. Kent has enjoyed a 25 years+ career as a professional big game guide throughout western Canada. While in British Columbia, Kent started a successful taxidermy business which he continues to operate today in Manitoba. As one of the Hosts for Trigger Effect, Kent brings amazing experience to the show and his intimate understanding of hunting and the species he pursues.


Alison is most likely to shoot at birds and animals through the zoom lens of her camera than with a gun or a bow. Although she is a hunter and loves to fish, her passion is wildlife photography and she has a knack for capturing stunning images of animals in their natural habitat. She has lived a life of being very connected to the earth and lives every day very connected to the soil on her rural property in Nova Scotia. Raising animals and a massive garden on her property, she is an example of getting back to basics and the rewards that lifestyle offers. .  

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Kevin is a life long hunter with a love of the outdoors. He has hunted across Canada and Into the U.S. for Moose, Whitetail deer, Black Bear, Wild Turkey as well as a wide variety of small game animals as well. He is also a committed volunteer working to ensure the conservation of existing habitat and the development of new ones to ensure the hunting legacy lives on for future generations. 

Kent Michie