Special Dragon's Den article

and video in the National Post.

The Resourceful Redneck and Thunder Boyz Productions Inc.'s Trigger Effect get a mention by a member of the New Brunswick legislature in December 2015.

Mike Holland receiving a gift from George Hachey Artwork to commemorate his appearance on Dragon`s Den.


Video announcement of the joint venture business partner ship between the Resourceful Redneck and Thunder Boyz Productions Inc./Trigger Effect TV Show.

The Resourceful Redneck segment piece from Season 10 Episode 07 of CBC's Dragon's Den.  Mike Holland and Steen Gunderson do their pitch.


This is a 3-4 minute follow-up vignette from the Dragon`s Den deal which aired a few months prior.

Watch Mike Holland and Steen Gunderson take their Dragon to the manufacturing facility and out onto the land to show him how Resourceful Redneck got it`s start.

This aired Canada-wide on CBC.

Live video shot from the gathering for the nation-wide release of the Resourceful Redneck on Season 10 Episode 07 of the Dragon's Den.